ET on Monday, Dec. 4. If that’s a bit too early for a wake up call, don’t worry. So I checked mine out again this morning. Didn’t hear anything at all. When it does make a noise it doesn’t sound anything like the one in the video. These posts will be removed and the user banned without warning, subject to the discretion of the mod team Learn MoreAll of the above rules are subject to moderator discretionI going to be honest with you here there will be schools that judge applicants for a third or fourth retake and there are schools that even average all previous scores. However, for every school that does this, there are those that are understanding of your situation and will see value in your persistence and grit.For example, while your application may get auto rejected at Emory for having more than three retakes, there are schools such as Johns Hopkins where an AdCom has stated that retakes do not color his perception of an applicant.If you feel like you up to the challenge of taking on this exam a fourth time, then we be here to support you across the long journey. I understand the first take will always be the BEST, but for people who retake the MCAT more than 3x, could it be that the person is just not good with standardized testing? At least he/she shows some persistence (especially now that the MCAT can only be written 7 times in our lifetime).so sad how we depend so much on one standardized test when screening applicants and the more an applicant takes it, the more disadvantaged he/she is.

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