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The Panamanian Free Trade Agreement actually did the exact opposite it made money laundering much harder to Canada Goose Parka do via Panama. This is, canada canada goose clearance sale goose outlet store uk in fact, why there were so few Americans in the Panama Papers.

They helped reducing the tax heaven when Sanders cheap Canada Goose wanted to eradicate Cheap Canada Goose Parka it. That the difference.

That why money is so important it measures value.

No. It measures things and goose outlet canada labor value. Not cheap canada goose uk human value but what they can produce. This is a huge distinction, again, Canada Goose Coats On Sale the value of canada goose outlet new buy canada goose jacket cheap york city a human being is vastly more than just productivity, in unmeasurable ways. Art? Philosophy? Literature? How do you measure those? There a french word for canada buy canada goose jacket goose outlet uk this : “inestimable” (can put a value on it).

There no such thing as Canada Goose Online free health care. It is paid for, one way or another.

It is shared. The canada goose outlet black friday point of living in society is to exchange and to make canada goose clearance sure those canada goose factory sale that wouldn canada goose uk black friday be so good at living on their own have the same canada goose outlet uk sale chances as the others to survive, because they valuable in a Canada Goose Outlet canada goose factory outlet way or another. Point is, it is free from worrying, which official canada goose outlet itself might cost a bunch to US economy (in term of stress, but not only).

Most people in the US canada goose outlet canada don pay for most of their health care out of pocket.

Most. For some, life is uk canada goose a head tail run.

Overall, 64% of health care costs in the US are covered by the government, compared to about 77% canada goose uk shop in France.

This is an unfair account. You thinking in term canada goose jacket outlet of “how canada goose outlet online uk many illness are covered” instead of “what is the gravity of the illness fully covered”. If you have uk canada goose outlet the bad luck of getting canada goose outlet sale cancer in France, you won have to canada goose outlet online break your bank account (and you never be fired for it, you have rest days etc. etc.)

You are, I afraid, canada goose outlet completely canada goose canadian goose jacket black Canada Goose online friday sale wrong; Americans are vastly richer, and the health care doesn actually matter.

You working 80hrs/week for a couple unpaid days off.

I currently working 39hrs/week and I have 30 paid days off and unlimited paid days off in Canada Goose sale case of illness. Do you see the difference? If I want to work 80hrs/week, I can, I can double my income which is just a bit less than yours for less than half the hours worked. Talking in term of money can reflect the whole picture.

I don care if being canada goose coats on sale american is awesome, your country is full of injustice, with parts canada goose outlet nyc canada goose of a canada goose coats middle aged system (your judiciary system is an utterly unfair joke)

China total canada goose uk outlet GDP is only $11.2 trillion, canada goose outlet store compared to the US $18.57 trillion. And remember, China has 1.4 billion residents; per capita, the US is vastly richer.

And your debt is at 105% when China around 45%.

But if you want to throw around big numbers, it should be remembered that there are 12.5 million illegal immigrants in the US. People canada goose outlet parka who are in a country illegally almost never are covered by the regular system this is true in Europe as well.

This is completely out of topic. Completely.

First off, you seem to be confused about what “fair” means. If you can afford something, you don get it. That canada goose black friday sale is canada goose outlet shop fair.

Nope. If you can afford canada goose outlet jackets what could save canada goose outlet toronto factory your life, it is a duty, for a Human society, to provide it for you.

Moreover, the idea that canada goose outlet in usa they have to rely on https://www.cagooseclearance.com luck to stay alive is wrong to begin with. Being uninsured does not mean you don get health care, it means you pay for it out of pocket.

Same shit, if you can afford insurance, how are you going to pay “out of pocket”? This is nonsense.

most “medical bankruptcies” are actually caused by canada goose outlet reviews being out of work due to severe illness rather than the actual cost of health care.


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