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canada goose black friday sale I think you taking this in the right direction, it can be used uk canada goose outlet as a buff for underperforming DDs (although I not sure if there are any that use 5″/38 as of right now) and also as a secondary buff, which canada goose factory sale i think is the more likely buy canada goose jacket scenario.

canada goose Truth be told, buffing the secondary versions of the 5″/38 isn particularly canada goose clearance relevant, and with most of Canada Goose Coats On Sale the USN cheap canada goose uk DDs doing just fine cheap Canada Goose as they are, so I not sure how relevant this entire idea even is. Secondaries uk canada goose aren particularly impactful unless your ship happens to be a German BB, and Canada Goose online USN DDs don need changes anywhere I feel.

canada goose deals I think buffing the secondary rate of fire on USN cruisers wouldn be a canada goose store bad idea. After all, Canada Goose sale they really lack torpedoes or other close range defenses other than improved autobounce angles (admittedly a very strong tool), but given that USN cruisers are generally close range specialists an improvement to secondaries wouldn be out of the question.

Canada Goose Jackets If you really don want to give that buff to battleships, then give the NC, Alabama, and Iowa their proper Mk 28 mounts while the cruisers keep the Mk 32 canada goose mounts like they did historically and assign different rate of fires for different mounts. 9 points submitted 20 hours ago

Canada Goose Outlet I don have time to canada goose coats on sale rehash my suspicions about WG using “officially issued” ammunition only, but for balancing purposes alone, the MK32 should canada goose uk outlet remain canada goose uk black friday the 5″/38 HE round in WoWS. The MK35 AAC rounds would give the 5″/38 a 10% base fire chance. Nothing flying the American flag in WoWS, whether it uses the 5″/38 or not, needs that magnitude of a buff, even Mahan or Sims. And let be honest, neither of those last two are bad ships; their underperformance is more because the likes of Gadjah Mada, Leningrad, and Blyskawica are allowed to exist at T7.

cheap Canada Goose If anything has to be changed about the 5″/38s in this game, it should be the rate of fire. canada goose clearance sale Nicholas, Farragut, and Mahan had pedestal mounts that couldn manage more than the 15 rounds/minute they have right now, but most other ships (the exceptions all being carriers) had mounts with Canada Goose Jackets integral hoists capable of up to 22 rounds/minute, while the highest we get in game is 20 and the figure stays at just shy of 18 for most USN DDs. MK32 secondary mounts have it worse with 10. A full increase to 20 is too much, but at a buy canada goose jacket cheap minimum it should be 15 now that we don have Cleveland at T6 Montana can get away with that figure on the far superior 5″/54 anyways. Alternatively keep the reload for the Canada Goose Parka battleship secondaries at 6s and give them their historical armor thicknesses.

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I would agree that the problem plaguing the Mahan is canada goose black friday sale the abysmal concealment rather than pure gunnery, and I agree that right now buffing fire chance across the board by giving 5″/38 the AAC shells would be excessive. At the same time, there is no penetration benefit from using SAP shells such as built in IFHE.

Canada Goose sale As for 5″/38 secondary mounts, I said it before and I repeat it. Just give the battleships their proper Mk 28 mounts, and then you can give different mounts different rate of fire Canada Goose Outlet for balancing reasons.

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Interestingly, according to Navweaps, the 305 mm SM canadian goose jacket 33 planned for the did have an HE projectile, but it has comparatively low muzzle velocity at 700 m/s (almost identical to NC AP canada goose outlet store shell velocity). u/Sub_Octavian, do you still intend on not having HE for the Stalingrad? I think including it would be preferable especially since some of the AP buffs that the ship is getting to compensate, such as the autobounce angles, are a tad excessive.

Canada Goose online That being said the Iowa (and USN fast battleships in general) was quite safe and protected from catastrophic magazine detonations since they’re separated from the turret platforms by two flashproof annular bulkheads. Furthermore, USN powder, SPD, is not nearly as explosive as British cordite (Japanese also used cordite), just look at how battlecruiser losses at Jutland due to flashback into the magazines from turret and barbette penetrations. In contrast, during the Battle of Cape Esperance the USS Boise took a direct hit to the powder magazines, but fortunately did not suffer from a catastrophic explosion, not doubt thanks in part to the more stable SPD. Interestingly, the USS South Dakota in 1945 also suffered from a turret explosion, but luckily the flashback protection system again worked as canada goose uk shop designed.

canadian goose jacket Long story short, the difference in powder stability can be the difference between heavy but repairable damage and outright loss of ship. 1 point submitted 9 days ago

canada goose store That impact angle is absolutely BS. Cleveland doesn have an impact angle of 35 degrees at 14.6km.

Canada Goose Parka This is a screenshot with angle lines I made for just this purpose earlier. Using an angletool the impact angle is 22 23 degrees (it said 22.6 degrees, but since it is by eye I laid the lines it can be off by a bit).

buy canada goose jacket cheap Even if I measured it wrong Canada Goose Online somehow, you can see that the impact angle is pretty much dead in the middle of the horizontal and 45 degree lines. A far cry from the 35 degrees the canada goose coats calculator tries to tell us.

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I may have disagreed with him on historical naval matters, but I certainly respected and appreciated his knowledge of the Kriegsmarine and the information he brings to the table. Sad to see him go, rest in peace.

buy canada goose jacket I a fan of all things historical, so I willing to lobby on his behalf to get the Tirpitz model corrected (most notably giving it the correct length of 832 ft, or 253.6 m, rather than the current 826.5 ft or 251 m that it current shares with Bismarck; Tirpitz was slightly longer than the Bismarck mainly due to slightly different bow stem).


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