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canada goose deals It is definitely not the original fuze, I know the right thing is to tell OP to have it checked out as he should, but I am entirely confident it has been rendered inert.

Canada Goose online Edit: Its locked canada goose coats now, but to address the fella who replied, the scoring/gashes in the metal from impact would have lined up with the fuze, OP posted other close up pics in the thread and it showed very clearly the fuze has been removed prior due to the gap between it and the shell body, let alone the brass would be marred in line with the marring on the shell body on the end under the base of the fuze. If someone managed to remove the fuze and not die prior, it has almost certainly been rendered inert.

canada goose coats on sale Right out of college, i worked for an electronics manufacturer that assembles PCBs for high end electronics. air, defense, medical, some high end servers. What set air/defense apart is that they do NOT redesign the boards.

If a problem was found in a networking board, the customer might temporarily have us add a jumper wire, but soon will canada goose uk shop redesign the channels and layers to correct out.

canada goose coats Not defense/air. it a 12+ month, expensive process with approval needed from multiple agencies. So they only add jumper wires! Its very unnerving knowing a PCB is going into a fighter jet with 6 jumper wires soldered to it. The beurocracy really makes them less reliable.

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Canada Goose sale My issue is with voter apathy in general. This country went though a lot of shit so that we could have a representational democracy canada goose black friday sale and for a VERY long time we as citizens take it for granted. I understand buy canada goose jacket cheap that you don’t feel strongly about some uk canada goose outlet of the choices on the ballot today, but wish you had still gone out and voted your conscience, even if it meant writing in your own name. This is one of a small number of days in your life you get to take a real part in shaping our governments and the directions they will take canada goose factory sale at all levels

I also don think it healthy for everybody to vote. cheap Canada Goose If we encourage people who are passive about who is a supreme court justice, for example, I rather not have he or she voting on name recognition or party line. I afraid that attitude gets us a Trump vs Oprah ballot, rather than maybe uk canada goose a Cruz vs Bernie vote. Some people are not into politics, and we should accept that.

20% turnout isn a bad thing if only 20% of the population is informed and interested. Sure, in a perfect world everybody sees the big picture and understands it. But I was Canada Goose Parka hesitant to vote myself buy canada goose jacket (I did), because all I heard about the justices was politically driven mudslinging and I don feel informed.

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Depending on how far back this time machine is, it would have been much more useful to saying something like:

Canada Goose Outlet Turns canada goose out not everything revolves around the earth. The earth revolves around the sun and canada goose uk outlet also rotates on it axis. One rotation is a day, one revolution around the sun is a year.

If you watch the stars over a full night, you notice they rotate around one star. That one doesn move because it above the canada goose coats on sale North Pole (axis of rotation). Also, measure the angle of that star above horizontal, and you get your latitude!

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canada goose clearance sale When people say Canada Goose Online “ironically” it isn usually a matter of irony, but more of “this thing is objectively bad/embarrassing to me, but I kind of like it anyway, or maybe the idea of it, partially because it silly/funny.”

buy canada goose jacket I a big supporter of people just letting themselves like things but the idea of “liking something ironically” does have its place, it just not actually “ironic”.

canada goose store For example, I think Weezer is super cheesey and silly, but sometimes I still like to listen to them and feel a little silly and not take it too canada goose uk black friday seriously or immerse myself in the same way I would with music I love/care about. I canada goose clearance think they are a lame band canada goose clearance sale with bad songs, but every now and then I like to put them on because it fun and goofy. It not actually “ironic” in any way but that a good way to describe the way I enjoy them, because it does feel Canada Goose Coats On Sale different than really enjoying music that I respect and love more seriously.

canada goose black friday sale But the reasoning behind it. is that people who are good at math already do it that way in their heads. If I were to ask you “what 243 87?”, people have different ways of mentally manipulating that. I would go from 87 up to 100 (13), then add 100 (so now 113), then add 40 (so 153) then the 3 (156). So while it looks complicated, that the way people do math mentally.

buy canada goose jacket cheap I admit it a bit more complex when first trying to explain it. But the thing is, many Canada Goose online of us already use those “complex strategies” to do it in Canada Goose Jackets their heads. canadian goose jacket That why it taught like that.

canada goose Very few students actually comprehend the canada goose clearance sale reasoning behind canada goose store line subtraction with carrying. It there, but it harder to comprehend what actually going on.

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he doesn know a damn thing about republican policy (or any policy for that matter) beyond high level catch phrases he has heard on tv. Putting him on tv unscripted is literally suicide because he Canada Goose Outlet can answer a single follow up question on ANY policy. I challenge anybody to show me video of Trump outlining Canada Goose sale details about anything.


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