Do not fear, any K 12 grade level can be successful with this, you just might need to modify what steps they do. Pre cutting templates for instance might be helpful. Working in small groups may be a good idea. Disruptive Technology and Innovation, I thinking of how BTS BH met the needs of a such a diverse uncatered demographic with their music, and messages, which no traditional companies did.Yeah I absolute BTS trash at this point. Its so hard to go a day in life without thinking of them.You start buying clothes that reminds you of what the guys wear even though it not your style AT ALL. I avoid horizontal stripes as a pattern because I think they make me look fat, but I now have three striped articles of clothing that make me think of Jimin, a bright yellow and black hooded t shirt (I NEVER wear yellow) that reminds me of something Jungkook wore, a baseball jacket that reminds me of Jhope, and a pair of distressed black jeans on the way (I used to laugh at distressed jeans when I saw them in the store).

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