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canada goose black friday sale 1 point submitted 5 days agoLike MP, only if you don’t enjoy the grind. I had 3hrs today and was pumped about the buy canada goose jacket cheap orders so got my head down and did every single one in a couple of multiplayer games and canada goose store a couple of canada goose clearance sale solo efforts. The only one I couldn’t be arsed to do was ‘beat 5 bosses’ the rest fit perfectly into my OCD and getting wave after wave of zombies dead.Like MP I think they’ve managed uk canada goose to get the levels just right with regular updates on how close you are. 500 kills with a PaP’d weapon? Well it takes 10 20 mins to get to a PaP weapon so there’s your grind then a sweet constant reminder as you mow down canadian goose jacket a train that Canada Goose Online each dead zombie is one step closer to a supply drop.Now if I wasn’t getting so many dupes then it would be a different story.getmattcarter 4 points submitted 16 days agoI’m in the UK a dad of a 6yr old Autistic boy who was diagnosed at 3 Canada Goose Outlet and an Aspergers girl, now 10 but diagnosed at 7.My advice? For your sanity get onto some cheap Canada Goose forums or groups of people in cheap canada goose uk the same situation: this literally saved me and my wife. I had a dads group and she had a mums group, you really do need an outlet, a reality check (others will be struggling way worse than you).For your kids don’t have expectations. It’s easy to type now canada goose uk shop but 3 years ago I saw the diagnosis as a straight jacket, as something that would define all the things they couldn’t do. Now, 3 years on we are SO much more relaxed, and the kids are flourishing because of this. My boy is struggling massively academically but is the life and soul of the classroom, is very popular, and has shown a massive aptitude for art. My daughter is anxious a lot of the time, but now has finally found a friendship group that is good for her, and she is so supportive of canada goose uk outlet others that she has found her niche.I guess it will be your own journey and every one is different but I really saw Autism as a bad thing only, and yeah it’s been damn hard at times. But just remember that they are going to grow, so be the cautious, worried parent that no amount of advice canada goose factory sale will stop you from being, but try to enjoy the ride when you can, let them show you who they are going to become and embrace it.Of course if you were asking for more explicit advice about actual stuff to do with/for Canada Goose Coats On Sale them, rather than this pep talk, then my apologies!Dreamingoffire12 2 points submitted 16 days agoThank you for this :) I am a major worrier, so this advice was very nice. Canada Goose Jackets I was prepared for him to be diagnosed with autism way before it actually happened so canada goose clearance I was past ‘autism Canada Goose sale is Canada Goose Parka bad’ before we got the diagnosis. Probably our biggest struggle at the moment is my husband and I having to remind ourselves that when he has a meltdown it isn’t a fit and it isn’t rejection. He often has meltdowns when being affectionate just becomes too much. He loves to cuddle and hug but then he reaches a point where you can’t touch him and there’s no warning. It feels like rejection and it makes us sad, but we try to remember it uk canada goose outlet isn’t really rejection.getmattcarter 3 points submitted 16 days agoYou are welcome! Thankfully for us meltdowns are very few and far between now but there was a time my boy had them a lot. So many things triggered them and as it varied so much, my wife and I had a real honest talk with each other about how WE felt WHEN he was having one we worked out that sometimes I would just be canada goose black friday sale to stressed with it so my presence when she was trying to calm him just didn’t help, so I felt I could walk away without being a horrible man! Likewise sometimes our son wanted just me, so my wife knew she could leave and I would deal with it. Still there were times we both needed to be around but as a man it really helped me to have that conversation so I didn’t feel I NEEDED canada goose uk black friday to hover and probably not help the situation! With this we were much better equipped to deal with them when they happened and hopefully canada goose us being calm and organised helped Canada Goose online our boy, or at least allowed the focus to be in the right place.And in my experience it’s absolutely not rejection, not of you guys. My interpretation is that the world for our son just became too much too quickly. As he’s got older and more verbal (not a peep until he was 4, now we can’t shut him up) we can deal with canada goose coats on sale it before it gets too much thankfully. We get warning signs and have more in our locker to keep him happy.Kids eh. I swear half the battle is just in our heads; look after you and your husband as much as you look after your boy and it makes it so much easier for you all.getmattcarter 5 points submitted 4 months agoI have this. She is asleep next to me now. And reading this made me realise what I have. And I remember feeling anxious about not having it 10 years ago, and fuck me it happened just by letting things happen.Don’t rush things, certainly don’t force things, be as flexible as you can with good people because it doesn’t run smooth always. Don’t quit easy and keep a handful of things for yourself in life for those times you just need to withdraw into your own world. Even the happiest of us need isolation and mindfulness at times.And for fucks sake enjoy buy canada goose jacket being single and out of love because when canada goose coats you are in it you will mourn the freedoms you now take for granted. So make good memories while free of a partner doing things you couldn’t easily do with someone else depending or demanding on you.


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