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After a couple days of sitting dormant , Gucci finally began posting pictures to its official brand Tumblr. So far, the offerings are pretty standard — and meager. There are only four images up since Wednesday!There are a couple of runway and backstage pictures from the Fall/Winter 2011 show and some archived goodies for us to browse, but not much else. The images are very hi-def and I’m sure Tumblr’s fashion community will go bananas about its new ability to access photos of this caliber. We’ve already got ’70s Veruschka in Rome and contemporary Charlotte Casiraghi competing in an equestrian event, naturally.If Gucci would continue to tumble these kinds of contemporary images and vintage-inspiration photography hermes replica , it could be quite the Tumblr destination, but that would require some more posts. Get on it, Gucci Tumblr team!Photos:



Reblog Italian Glam: Gucci Joins Tumblr!

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