Canada Goose sale What makes some people think that they have the right to judge another person

Canada Goose Outlet peeplesposted 5 years ago

canada goose coats on sale Religion and ego! People use the bible to justify their ways by Canada Goose Outlet saying things like “hate the sin not the sinner” but then acting in hateful ways toward the person they disagree with. Women, black people, gays, and the list will continue. Now ego from those that have once been judged causes attacks toward white men. Everyone judges the opposite yet cries foul when it’s them that’s being judged. It can not be stopped. No matter if it’s a fat Canada Goose Coats On Sale child, a person with a mental handicapp, a person canada goose clearance sale of color, a woman at a Canada Goose Online construction site, a woman wearing a low cut shirt, a wallstreet banker, canada goose uk black friday we all do it!

WHY DO YOU ASK? Knowing that detail will provide fitting reasons. Age and social status may reflect why in an answer. People have canada goose factory sale the right to an opinion made from prejudice as Canada Goose Parka well as fact. All have that right. As for condeming another in a judgemental way, that is cheap canada goose uk also a right. Slander is illegal. Up the ladder a bit, policemen are given the right to judge and make arrest with a final disposition buy canada goose jacket cheap by a judge. Nations make judgement calls and start wars. If we are indiviually accused by a friend parent, teacher, or boss, we may be acting Canada Goose online out of the norm, and this is the alarm to tell you of that danger. God is the fairest and best judge of all. Always listen to His canada goose clearance advice or He may judge you negatively. So, why do you ask? Is canada goose coats on sale it because you want to do what you want, canada goose coats that may have consequenses that may affect others?

canada goose store I’ll probably get hissed and booed at over this, but:

canada goose clearance sale Google gives the first definition, verb, as “to form an opinion or conclusion about”

canada goose clearance Now, when someone uses the word without any specifics of what they’re talking about, as if the entire concept is out of line, it’s very negative such as expecting people to accept things that are unacceptable.

canada goose deals I’ll go further to say I believe “judging” is wrong when it’s about who or what a person is but not wrong when it’s about what a person does, such as behavior that can harm someone.

canada goose black friday sale To say otherwise is to say a person should have no opinion on anything whatsoever.

cheap Canada Goose All of us make judgments about other people, all the time. We couldn’t get canada goose uk shop through our days without a thousand of them.

We all prefer the company of friends to that of enemies. That’s a judgment.

Canada Goose online If a hostile looking person approaches you on a dark street with a knife in his hand, you tend to get ready to run or fight. That, too, is a judgment.

buy canada goose jacket If one considers people who make judgments about others to be assuming a right they Canada Goose Jackets don’t have, he is placing them into a particular category. Doing so is a judgment as well. It is impossible to judge judgers without being one.

Mazzy Boleroposted 5 years ago

canada goose coats I don’t think there is anyone on earth who doesn’t make a judgment about others at one time or another. Unless we are psychopathic, we have an emotional empathy with the suffering of others. We don’t empathize with the one doing the harm. We all have moral values, too. If I hear of someone abusing children or old people or being deliberately cruel to animals, I do judge them. I find it difficult to think “oh, well, they might have mental problems, or a difficult childhood, or brain damage, or maybe they’re canada goose black friday sale a drug addict.” I’m going to judge them on what they do. I don’t care if they’re drug cheap canada goose addicts, that’s not an excuse for beating a 90 year old woman almost to death as one did in Britain recently. Sorry if that’s not politically correct. I don’t have a god complex and it doesn’t make me feel better to judge others. I would judge myself, too, if I did those things.

gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

Canada Goose Parka People love to judge other people. People love to have artificial constructs regarding other people. There is a consensus of us versus them with us being the better and more desirable while the them being the worse and less desirable. By virtue of this belief, they believe that they have the unmitigated right to tell others how they should live their lives. Other people go even further, attempting to or prosletyzing other people to either live the way they live or they go into a litany of how wrong and lost they are.

There are people out there who simply do not believe in the principle, live and let live. They are so busy looking into the lives of canada goose store other people. They portend that cheap Canada Goose if they have a certain belief and/or lifestyle, then in their estimation, others should do likewise and Canada Goose sale they are the people to “help” them do so.

pstraubie48posted 5 years ago

Unfortunately buy canada goose jacket it seems that some uk canada goose among us think they are superior to others because of their intelligence, their social canadian goose jacket status, their economic status or for some other reason unknown to us. They seem to feel compelled to pass judgment on others.

canadian goose jacket They actually believe that their view of things is the correct and only view that is worthy of even being consdiered.

Many of these who adopt this posture alienate others and wind up sad, lonely, and bitter. It has taken practice but it is a way to dismiss such thoughts.

Some behaviours are fitting, expected, tolerated, and become a part of the norm.

Some behaviours stretch our imaginations of the norm and the accepted.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Some, quite frankly, shock and offend us all.

canada goose Some, few, offend us to the point, that a few, would dare stand uk canada goose outlet to challenge the whole, collective whole, and cry ” canada goose unmerciful” even, canada goose uk outlet after the fact that mercy has extended her just due.


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