moncler jackets mens Where how should I start moncler jackets mens

moncler outlet online Well you can keep earning cash by entering the challenges! Each challenge gives you either 100 or 200 cash just for entering, and each day at 8am GMT there a new daily challenge which uk moncler outlet has no requirements for entry (meaning you can just use whatever you already got in your wardrobe) and it gives you 500 cash, so that an easy way to accumulate cash. The game also gives you a daily allowance of 100 diamonds.It can be tough at first to start earning enough to moncler sale outlet keep entering challenges, but once you start winning prizes and getting a bigger closet value, thus moncler outlet online unlocking more hair and makeup options, it becomes much easier and much more addictive!A good idea is to create a Facebook account just for Covet and link the app to it, moncler womens jackets and start adding lots of Covet players on there so you can borrow items from their wardrobes cheap moncler sale for the challenges. Basically, try not to spend until you absolutely have to. Once you gotten a bit of cash saved up from doing that, you can start working on the $200 challenges that require more items/more expensive items (do double check what the total cost of what you need to buy is first before you start spending though, otherwise you may accidentally run out of cash before you gotten everything you need).You get 100 free diamonds each day from cheap moncler jackets Covet with the 20 daily tickets they give you. If you have a full 75/75 tickets already, then you won get more of those, but you will moncler online store still get the diamonds. moncler outlet sale The other best way to get diamonds is to watch video ads, although those aren always available (you should get 10 per ad). Not sure I do most of the Tapjoy offers for diamonds since they tend to either require you to buy something or sign your email up for some kind of spam. Also seen several people complain on here that some of those offers never paid out afterwards too.Occasionally, there will be challenges that award 100 diamonds instead of cash for entering. The requirements for those, iirc, are generally in the same range as $200 challenges are.You didn ask in your post, but since you new just to make sure moncler outlet I covering all the bases, if you cheap moncler jackets womens need more tickets to enter challenges with after you used most/all of the 20 Covet gives you each day, you have to vote on other discount moncler jackets players looks. You choose between 5 pairs of looks for whichever challenge is moncler usa being voted on, and you get moncler sale online 2 tickets for each full set you finish.Fashion houses can be joined at any time, cheap moncler coats mens although many will have certain closet level requirements to join (just ignore those houses for now tbh). As for knowing which one is right for you, the key is how you play. If you a super active player who best moncler jackets enters every single challenge and pays irl money for more cash/diamonds, you may end up eventually wanting to join one of the hardcore rally houses where everyone uk moncler sale plays that intensely. If you more of a casual player who just enters the challenges they think sound fun, then you likely want moncler outlet prices a more relaxed house (probably a good starting point for you as a newer player anyway). Beyond that, it kind of trial error. You don have to stay in a FH, so if you join one that ends up being too intense/relaxed or if you don like the specific people in it, you can leave and look for a different house that closer to what you want.The main benefits of being in a FH are getting styling advice from the other members if you need it, and being able to borrow items from each other for challenges. You can borrow 1 item from your house per day, but you can borrow from the specific player again until the challenge you using the item for is completely finished and results are in. Ex: A moncler sale new challenge starts with an entry window of 2 days, and you borrow something from fellow fashion house member Z to enter pretty much immediately. If you want to borrow from Z again, you have to wait for 3 days 2 for the challenge itself to moncler outlet store end, and 1 more for people to vote on it. Afaik, the same rules apply to Facebook friends.Two other important things about borrowing!:If someone borrows from you, when the challenge results come in, you get a message on the “Friend Activity” tab in your inbox showing you moncler uk outlet their look and awarding you 2 ticketsIt can pay off to wait a bit when entering challenges! If you try to enter as soon as a challenge starts, it may seem like no one in your house has moncler outlet woodbury any of the required items available to Moncler Outlet borrow, but if you wait a day or so, several people may have it. You have to give your FH members time to actually see that they need stuff buy it.Good luck, and remember that even if it seems like you not doing well at first, 1) things do get easier as you level up, and 2) low scores at early levels aren so much a reflection on you/your styling abilities, it more that people tend not to like the hair makeup options Covet has made available for your closet level, so just keep building up your closet and don get discouraged The advice given so far is good. I have been playing since spring 2015. The game is much easier when you have a lot of facebook friends to borrow from. I am only in one group called share my closet which is great for knowing who cheap moncler jackets mens has what expensive item. If you have it and want tickets from others borrowing it is a good idea to advertise you have that “it” item.A coworker never liked going out of season like I do so she quit playing when she couldn buy the required items. Covet makes it impossible at times with too many costly required items. My advice is once you played a season, save your money and go out of season with unworn items. If you chase the top look for every entry you will go broke [in game] moncler outlet online.


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