The BBC said Business Secretary Vince Cable was likely to ask the media regulator Ofcom to look at the impact of any takeover and whether it would reduce the plurality of voices within the British media sector.News Corp, which has said it wants to buy the 61 percent of the dominant British pay TV group it does not already own, also owns British newspapers The Sun, sister paper the News of the World and the Times and Sunday Times.Secretary of State has not made a decision on this matter indeed at this stage there is not even a decision for him to take, the Department for Business said in a statement. Will not be speculating on this issue.Analysts have said they fully expect Cable to refer the takeover to Ofcom for political reasons because Murdoch mass selling Sun newspaper backed the Conservative party at the recent election instead of Labour.The Conservatives then formed a government with Cable Liberal Democrat party.The former editor of the News of the World, now Prime Minister David Cameron director of communications, is also at the centre of a row over whether it illegally hacked into phone messages made by politicians and celebrities. [ID:nLDE68819T]News Corp had proposed to buy BSkyB for 700 pence per share, or a total of $12 billion, but BSkyB independent directors have demanded an offer of over 800p.

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