canada goose deals President Obama talk about Benghazi

canada goose clearance sale By CNN Jack Cafferty:

buy canada goose jacket cheap While President Obama talks about Big Bird on the campaign trail, the real topic begging for answers is what happened in Benghazi on September 11. ambassador and three other Americans amid what appears to be insufficient security is not something this administration wants to talk about.

canada goose store Consider this: Up until today, there had been no White House press briefing for more than two weeks.

Canada Goose Parka Meanwhile, it took the FBI three weeks to arrive on the scene in Benghazi after that deadly attack, allegedly for safety reasons. Three weeks.

cheap Canada Goose This has rightfully raised concerns about sensitive documents being left unsecured at the compound. The State Department canada goose clearance insists no classified documents were left on canada goose clearance sale the premises. Really? A CNN reporter walked right into the consul and retrieved the ambassador journal three days after the attack. What uk canada goose outlet else was left behind?

The administration continues to change its story about what happened and why. Initially it said the attacks were a reaction to a film made by canada goose factory sale an American mocking the Prophet Mohammed.

More than a week later the administration called it a terrorist attack, potentially linked to al cheap Canada Goose Qaeda, after it was learned a Libyan security official warned of canada goose uk black friday a possible attack three days before it happened.

Now we learn that repeated requests for additional security were ignored.

canada goose black friday sale Finally, the Benghazi timeline shows there were no protests before the attack.

canadian goose jacket There a reason the president doesn want to talk about Benghazi: The way it was handled before and after the murders is a disgrace.

Expect Mitt Romney to ask the president about all Canada Goose Outlet this when a future Canada Goose online debate turns to foreign policy.

Here’s my question to you: Why won President Obama talk about Benghazi, instead of Big Bird?

Canada Goose sale Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Well, Jack, consider his worshipping followers. 90% of them probably think canada goose uk shop Benghazi is an Italian line of shoes while feeling right at home with stories of Big Bird. For him to deal with reality, on any level, now that REALLY foreign.

Obama has to distract any attention from his record. They failed to secure our consulate in canada goose coats on sale Benghazi and it tragically led to our ambassador murder. Watching them try to blame canada goose black friday sale a video was pathetic.

buy canada goose jacket R. in Norristown, Pennsylvania:

canada goose coats on sale Personally I do not want him to talk about it, especially canada goose store when there is an investigation going on. Did it not occur to anyone that maybe there is a reason no terrorist group has taken responsibility? Maybe it is because they are afraid of the consequences. Do you really think it is a safe idea for the president or the Secretary of State to broadcast everything they know about the situation? I don in Louisiana:

Obama Canada Goose Parka can avoid talking about what happened because the liberal media won ask him the tough questions. You guys have been giving him a free ride since 2007.

Canada Goose Jackets The administration can talk about anything bad that has happened on the president watch. It so much better (and easier) to rail on an opponent comments than to try and defend your own actions.

canada goose Because Romney talks about Sesame Street instead of Wall Street.

canada goose coats Why are you always picking on Obama? I got a big bird for you, Jack. And it not yellow.

First of all, Romney brought up Big Bird. If he didn want anyone to talk about it, he shouldn have said it. Obama refused to discuss anything with Mitt Romney, who I feel needs buy canada goose jacket some medication for his personality disorder, (Dual personality). I think Obama felt canadian goose jacket that if Romney was not going to have a serious debate, why does he want to have a serious job like President of the USA? But what Romney meant was he was going to get rid of things LIKE PBS, canada goose coats which there are many. Things we middle class 47%ers want and need!

Canada Goose Outlet Because President Obama doesn believe that he can make mistakes and if you ignore what people think is a mistake, it will go away. He suffers the problems of all narcissists inability to be self critical and admit failure until confronted with no Canada Goose sale choice. He may eventually admit that Benghazi could have been handled better but will find someone else to blame, just cheap canada goose uk as he seeks to blame the Republicans for gridlock in Congress Canada Goose Online when his unwillingness to even meet a third of the way has been the biggest problem.

He is evidence of the sociopathic nature of politicians writ large.

Canada Goose online Because personally I am tired about hearing the problems of others in foreign countries canada goose uk outlet and would like the attention to stay domestic. Canada Goose Jackets I am a college student who faces massive loan debts who faces the possibility of entering a job market that isn so open as it use to be. Even though this PBS story is total and utter useless crap, it still a domestic issue, which is where the candidates mindset should stay. United States does not need to intervene in every issue different countries face. We should have uk canada goose never gotten involved in the first place. With Afghanistan still raging on, this country cannot handle Canada Goose Coats On Sale another foreign escapade, or when countries cry We, as in the canada goose United States, has issues that we need to maintain all our focus on. The world can wait. Second. All the news reports say it was terrorists that perpetrated this horrific murder. So, instead of buy canada goose jacket cheap bombing, or invading the WRONG country again. I sure our intelligence community in a stealthy way (secretly, Jack).


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