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Canada Goose sale In other words, at least 25% of rape victims are male, and yet feminists push the narrative that it a “women issue” and something that men do to women and vilify canada goose premium outlet anyone who suggests it might be canada goose outlet in new york otherwise. This is pervasive enough of an issue that there no way you can try to brush it off as a “few bad eggs” or something done by “the absolute worst of the people who use the term.”And this same thing can be said about a number of other issues as well, including but not limited to fathers rights, the fact that male rape victims still have to pay child support if a baby is born of it and his rapist puts his name on the birth certificate, the disparity in how we handle domestic abuse cases where the man is the victim and the woman is the perpetrator compared to the other way around and the resources available (or rather, lack thereof) to male domestic abuse victims, and the casual hijacking of No Shave November/ Movember, which was originally started to raise awarness for men health issues such as prostate cancer and depression in men (the idea being that you take the money you normally spend on shaving products and donate it to charity), canada goose outlet uk but at least in the US has either lost it meaning entirely, been re purposed to be about cancer in general, or been hijacked by feminists who try to make it about “not shaving to fight the patriarchy.”When you look at these issues and the juxtapose them against the attitudes that are pervasive within the Feminist movement right now, it hard not to see comments regarding Feminsm being about “equality” as much more than lip service, especially when you consider how many of these issues are exacerbated if not outright perpetuated by modern day feminism.molever1neNat Mcsnuggles of Malboro 0 points submitted 10 days agoIf you actually trying to change my opinion, you doing a poor job of it with ad hominem attacks on my character. I never represented Western mythology as being better or the sole focus one should have Canada Goose sale.


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