buy canada goose jacket New York Mayor Giuliani Urges Commuters to Use Mass Transit System

DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR: We continue this hour with a strong winter storm system Canada Goose Parka that if you’re on the East Coast, you know all about it that is dumping several inches of snow across much of the nation. It’s the first big snow storm of the year. You could also say Flip was saying this is the biggest storm of the millennium. From the Midwest to the Northeast, the wintry weather is affecting travel and making life difficult for many.

cheap Canada Goose In the nation’s capital, a canada goose clearance sale lot of folks may not have to venture out at all today. The government says 365,000 federal workers in the area can take a canada goose coats day canada goose coats on sale of unscheduled leave because of cheap canada goose uk the snow storm. Elsewhere, in Virginia Beach, residents also are feeling the affects of the weather.

canada goose coats Tom Cobin from our CNN affiliate WAVY is standing by with the latest from there.

canada goose Tom, a chilly good morning to you.

Canada Goose Outlet TOM COBIN, WAVY REPORTER: Yes, and it is a good morning for now, Daryn. You can see behind me, this roadway is Interstate 264, more popularly known in this area as the Norfolk Virginia Beach Expressway. As you can see, traffic is flowing very well. We are obviously well after the morning rush hour.

buy canada goose jacket cheap It was a little dicey earlier this morning, but not canada goose uk shop really too bad because crews uk canada goose were able to get out well in advance of this storm. They have been out on Canada Goose Outlet the roads since shortly after midnight. Virginia Department of Transportation had its full complement of crews in this area ready to get out salting and sanding and plowing where necessary. The good news is that they were able to accomplish that, and a pretty smooth rush hour for the 400,000 or so commuters uk canada goose outlet who make their way up and down this piece of roadway.

that is a marked contrast from what this area experienced just two days ago.

But, today, this morning, again, because the snow came at a time enabled crews to get out canada goose black friday sale well in advance of the heavy traffic, really not the nightmare that we saw just canada goose clearance a couple of days ago even though there was significantly more accumulation Daryn.

canada goose store KAGAN: Tom, that does sound like a nightmare from a couple days ago. aren’t expected to be at work. What about folks buy canada goose jacket cheap around you? Are they still expected to be there?

COBIN: No, it’s a very similar thing. During canada goose uk black friday our entire news cast, WAVY TV 10 was on canada goose uk outlet this morning with special news coverage all morning, and along the bottom of our screen we have been showing all the closings. Many, many businesses, schools and other institutions in this area are, indeed, closed. They were expecting as early as buy canada goose jacket yesterday afternoon; we knew this was coming.

canada goose deals A lot of people were expecting delays of at least two hours, but many places, we have been reporting this morning, are closed. Some we have not actually even heard reports of yet. We are telling our viewers that we are still waiting for that information, and, of course, we’re continuing to pass it along to them all throughout the day with the shrunken picture of our newscast surrounded by information superimposed about all the closings that we’re reporting all day.

canada goose coats on sale KAGAN: And, of course, Tom, it’s never the news reporters that are Canada Goose sale told to stay home in the bad weather. So you stay bundled up and warm. And thank you for that report.

Canada Goose Jackets COBIN: Thank you.

canada goose black friday sale KAGAN: Tom Cobin from canada goose factory sale WAVY Television.

Canada Goose sale Now to Bill.

canada goose clearance BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: Let’s move up the East Coast now to New York City, forecasters expecting at least three inches of snow, possibly, today, and even more in other parts of the state. And the mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, has urged canadian goose jacket commuters to use the mass transit system and leave their cars at home.

canada goose clearance sale For more on how New Yorkers are dealing, Gary Tuchman. He was at the salt pile.

canadian goose jacket Where are you now, Gary?

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Bill, we come to you from Manhattan Island’s west side highway, world renowned for its massive Canada Goose online traffic jams, even on the best of days. And when it’s not the best of days, look out. Today is not one of the best of days. This is Manhattan and New York City’s first snowstorm of 1999/2000. No measurable snow up until now. But today, although it’s not a blizzard, they’re expecting the snow to come down all day, and they’re expecting between two and five inches here in Manhattan, and, as you just said, more elsewhere. In eastern Long Island, 50 miles to the east of here, they’re expecting up to eight inches Canada Goose Online of snow.

Now, New York City is a city with 7.5 million people and 400 million pounds of salt. That’s right, 400 canada goose store million pounds of salt, and it is starting to be used today. Much of it is left over from the last couple of years because they haven’t had much snow. But the front loaders are going into sheds all over New York City, scooping up the piles of salt, putting them onto dump canada goose trucks, and they are being dumped on the roads of the five boroughs of New York City to keep the streets relatively safe.

Now, the plows don’t go out until there are two inches of snow on the ground. The snow started coming down around 6:00 Eastern time for about four hours. They still don’t have that two inches of snow, but the plows will be out later today to start canadagooseonline their plowing activities.

Now, Canada Goose Coats On Sale four years ago in the winter of 1995 ’96, there was over 75 inches of snow. That is an all time record for New York City. Since then, since that winter four years ago, there has only been 27 inches of snow over the last three years. So it gives you an idea how these winters have been relatively snowless in New York the last few years.

Canada Goose online So, although winter has been on the calendar for about a month, it has Canada Goose Jackets just hit the blood of New Yorkers, as they have gotten a cheap Canada Goose lot of cold over the last few days and their first snowstorm today.


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