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canada goose coats In 2012, Vermin had used the forum to introduce his “friendly fascism” canada goose outlet in toronto and “pony powered economy” platform to C Span viewers, then sang his theme song, then informed the audience that “Jesus told me to turn Randall Terry gay.”As the cameras rolled, Supreme grabbed glitter from his pockets and sprinkled it over Terry, the arch conservative Operation Rescue founder who was running a protest primary campaign against President Obama. The brief “glitterbombing” trend of 2011 2012, canada goose outlet hong kong where pro gay activists would sprinkle shimmering paper on their foes, reached either its apex or nadir.Supreme had no plans to glitterbomb anyone ever again, but the college had simmered about canada goose outlet mississauga the incident. On short notice, Supreme was told he could not attend, not even if he paid $250 to clean the carpet. canada goose coats

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canada goose “it bots that are voting us down” honestly, this one is probably true. Assholes on both sides are using bots to brigade posts on Reddit, but T_D uses bots to upvote posts. I mean, how else do you explain T_D posts having 5000+ upvotes but like 100 comments canada goose.


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