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What WOULD be the ideal format to store all video in? I sure canada goose outlet store it varies by a lot of factors, but for canada goose jacket outlet raspberry uk canada goose pi and a non 4k TV. Is there a good resource for determining this? Happy to solve my own problem/question, but canada goose outlet canadian goose jacket nyc so far I haven found the source info to do so.

Looking at sonarr/radarr, that looks so cool. I trying to stay away from bittorrent on grounds canada goose outlet canada of warning letters from canada goose outlet black friday content creators being a thing. I haven used usenet. canada goose outlet May I ask where you get your media from? So far finding megalinks has been canada goose outlet sale pretty rewarding, but /r/megalinks is basically shut down now.

totally. Always moves canada goose uk outlet and counter moves but I canada goose black friday sale feel like the cheese was harder for me to stop in Madden, probably because I was new canada goose factory outlet to it.

That funny I always https://www.canadagooseoutleta.com felt like high rated OLine was so key and helped a ton. I think people usually cheap out on them since they not very sexy and usually go unnoticed, but even slight cheap canada goose uk mismatches DO seem goose outlet canada to favor the canada goose outlet parka d line. I spent a bunch on a VERY good o line, helps so much with time to pass and runs.

Ya official canada goose outlet know what sucked though was 91 zone. Oh the defender notices the ball leaving QB hands despite facing the other direction and jumps the route before an all star receiver who knows the cut they buy canada goose jacket going canada goose to make gets there? canada goose black friday sale OK. Super Canada Goose Coats On Sale fun to have amazing CBs and safeties early on, also kinda fucked.

ya know I hit a point where all I was doing was grinding. Like “I don feel like playing but I do it and watch Netflix so I can get this player”. Ended up Cheap Canada Goose not loving online gameplay in upper divisions. Turns out I mostly like canada goose clearance learning stuff and getting new canada goose factory sale cards. I canada goose uk shop didn have many dudes to play friendlies with so once the ones I did have stopped canada goose clearance sale I canada goose outlet in usa kinda got bored.

I actually did play a shit load though. I got Sean Taylor, OBJ, Khalil Mack (the master versions). Trying for Sean T REALLY was too much online too fast. I hadn played much online, then I only played online. VERY steep learning curve cheap Canada Goose in MUT but I won more than I lost. I Canada Goose Parka kinda got sick of online after a while with some of the more popular glitchy mechanics started being the majority of the competition. You CAN stop that stuff but you basically end up having to sit down and youtube/reddit it because it not intuitive (sideline catches especially). I didn make the highest online canada goose outlet uk division, but I hit D2 basically and the cheese ramps up the higher Canada Goose sale you get.

I don drink and I don date women who drink it saved a lot of Canada Goose Outlet money over a long period of time for sure, plus a lot of drama is reduced in my opinion.

Your preference is obviously your own but drinking certainly doesn cause drama in all (and I say most) cases. I like a cocktail or two. I often make them at home. I get really into making the ingredients myself uk canada goose outlet and stocking Canada Goose Jackets nice lemons/limes and stuff. It pretty cheap, canada goose outlet shop oddly (my cost: $1 3, at a bar: $10). I never had my or my wife drinking cause drama, we just canada goose outlet toronto factory enjoy a few drinks. Honestly canada goose coats on sale it mostly for the flavor and I canada goose outlet jackets also find it relaxing.

I canada goose coats think drinking heavily removes the filter from people. Like an insanely jealous person who keeps their shit canada goose outlet reviews together will be mega jealous when drunk. I never seen my happy go lucky friends throwing chairs and yelling while drunk though.

You don ask at canada goose outlet store uk all it a mutual decision between two, and only two people. Anything else is medievalism.

I sent my then girlfriends canada goose outlet online parents a letter right before I left with her on a five day hike. Canada Goose online I told them I loved their daughter very much, that I known I wanted to marry her without wavering for well over a canada goose outlet uk sale year (we were together for 2.5). I told them I do my best to Canada Goose Online make her happy and do canada goose outlet online uk right by her.

I said that I hoped to have their blessing because I really like and respect them but I believed the decision was their daughter to make. I mentioned that I wanted to consider them family, not just in reference but in reality.

They were cool with it. The mom cried I told. I got a good wedding toast from her dad. When she called them canada goose store after the hike to tell them we were engaged they were stoked for us. Her dad canada goose uk black friday mentioned that it was going to be a long canada goose outlet new york buy canada goose jacket cheap city slog back if she had said no.

I totally agree with you. I do think additionally that it a very good thing to get the parents buy in if at all possible, but you can force people to accept you.


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